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    Founders Chapel Update

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    Founders Chapel Refresh

    We placed some artist renderings in the Founders Chapel Atrium of how the planned transformations will look once all the construction is done.  After a lot of time, discussion, study, review, more discussion and more review, we finally have the building permit to move forward with the Refresh of Founders Chapel.  Many of our church family who are involved in building and construction were not surprised by the delays we experienced.

    Soon you will be seeing renewed activity in Founders Chapel as the actual construction begins.  The delay in our start now means that we will be close to the end of summer before Founders Chapel reopens.  We were hoping and praying for an earlier start and a much earlier completion, but now our reality is that we will be starting real soon.

    We hope you enjoy seeing the planned renovations and take time to discuss with our church guests about the ‘Refresh” being done and what that will mean to our church family, guests and future members for years to come.

    Resurrection Window is back in Founders Chapel!

    The Resurrection Window is made of art glass that is placed in a tray with epoxy poured around the glass to form each panel.  We had Cavallini Glass in San Antonio perform the restoration.  The restored window was installed this week as well as repairs to missing and broken glass panes in the stained glass windows in the chapel.
    The church has an endowment fund created through gifts given from our church family.  The earnings from the endowment investments are to be used for repairing and maintaining our campus.  The Endowment Committee oversees the investments and makes decisions about how the earnings might be used.  The restoration of the Resurrection Window and the repair of the stained glass windows are the first such uses approved by the Endowment Committee.

    The chapel was built in 1966.  The company that made and installed the stained glass and the Resurrection Window is no longer in business.  The US made hand formed colored glass is also no longer available.  Adrian Cavallini recognized the stained glass maker and the source of the stained glass as he prepared to do the repairs on our windows.  Mr. Cavallini and his team are using material from his inventory that matches that older glass where they can.  The repairs to the stained glass windows should be completed soon.  

    Each of the stained glass windows was a gift to the church, and each has a pattern depicting various parts of Christian history and tradition.  We are blessed to have the opportunity to “Refresh” these beautiful parts of Founders Chapel for members, guests and those to come in the future to enjoy.


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