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    Flat Jesus

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    It's Summertime!

    Our Family Ministries Team would like to encourage students to take Jesus along with them wherever they go this summer. If you didn't receive your Flat Jesus last Sunday during the children's message or at Sunday School, Sandy and Monica have extras in their office. We know many of you spend a lot of time traveling and Flat Jesus will fit into a purse or luggage easily. Our objective is to keep you and your children connected to your church family and to Jesus this summer. We are asking that you take pictures of or with your Flat Jesus figure wherever you go this summer, at home or on vacation. Then take a moment and share the photos with us on social media. You can also text your pictures to Sandy or Monica and we will post on the children's ministry website. We will post pictures on the bulletin board across from Room 2001 all summer long. This summer we want to encourage all students to take the love of Jesus wherever they go, and to remember, we can find Jesus anywhere, not just at church.

    TWEENS, please journal as well as photograph your Flat Jesus experience this summer. Tell us if you notice any difference when you have Flat Jesus with you. Are you more likely to pray, to be kind, to share? Are people interested in what you are doing? Do you tell them, and if so how do they react? Tween journals and pictures will be shared on the bulletin board across from Room 2001 all summer long. Monica, 940-595-2341 or Sandy 817-681-7833.

    Visit the Family Ministries and FUMCG Facebook pages to see Flat Jesus pics!

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