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    MonMondayMayMay4th2015 Coming Fall 2015...
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    It's been a while since I've given you the 'Inside Scoop' - but there are several big, great things coming up that you'll want to know about! In last week's staff meeting, we heard about a number of things that are in the works for the fall. Here's a preview (you'll be hearing more as time gets closer):
    • After School Program: We will be partnering with the Grapevine Community Outreach Center to offer an After School Program that is modeled after the one they currently hold at their location on Mustang Drive. The program will be Monday through Thursday, 3:00-6:00 PM, and will offer tutoring, dinner, and activities. We will be working out transportation and school participation in the coming months. If you would like to be a part of this new endeavor, contact Debbie Price ( , 817-481-2559 x108).
    • Hispanic Ministry Institute: In late August, we will hold the first session of the Hispanic Ministry Institute. Rev. Armando Alvarado and others from our conference will welcome leaders from many churches to learn about church development to Hispanic populations. This is a joint effort in partnership with North and Central Texas Conferences, Texas Methodist Foundation and Perkins School of Theology. For more about how you can support this new endeavor, contact Rev. Armando Alvarado ( , 817-481-2559 x122).
    • Bible Study Fellowship: Some of you may be familiar with Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). For those who are not, it is a weekly in-depth, inter-denominational Bible study group that has participants across the world. Our local Grapevine women's BSF will begin meeting at FUMC Grapevine starting in September. About 500 women and 200 children will fill our church campus each Wednesday morning. Watch for more information about how you can be involved with BSF coming soon! Read more about BSF at www.bsfinternational.org.
    It's going to be a busy fall, and we're excited about all the new possibilities these ministries represent in the life of our church. Be in prayer for these ministries and all the lives they will touch.
    MonMondayJanJanuary6th2014 The First Monday of 2014
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    It's the first Monday of 2014, and I'm trying to get everything adjusted for the new year. I wish I could download everything that's in my brain into your brain(s). But in the absence of that ability, here are a few things to know and think about:
    • We've just hired Dain Schneck as our new Media Director. Woohoo! He started yesterday. Hopefully we will have sermon archives back up soon. 
    • This coming Sunday is our Latvia Launch Lunch at 12:30 PM in Leach Hall. To me, this is a really big deal... not just because I was on the exploratory team, but also because this is the first time we've added to our Villages ministry since its inception. Honestly, I'm a little bummed that we haven't had more RSVPs for the lunch, but I know that those who will be there will be greatly blessed. We'll have some great Latvian food and you'll hear all about the ministry there. We're taking RSVPs so we'll know how much food to make, and asking that you bring a dish to share (so no one will starve). But if you can't bring a dish, come anyway! RSVP to me at . (PS - I've heard that some people are worried about us adding a fourth Village during a time when we were having a challenge meeting our budget. If you're worried about that, know that all of the Villages ministries are designated funds. In other words, that doesn't come out of our budget... it comes out of funds that people give above their regular giving. AND, we successfully met our budget needs for 2013!)
    • I've been so excited ever since I found out that Marilyn Meberg was going to be here for The Well! The holidays and ice storm threw us off a bit, but we are selling tickets for that event NOW and it's coming up on Thursday, January 16, at 7:00 PM in the Family Life Center. If you've never heard Marilyn speak, you are in for a real treat! She's just the right amount of serious and sarcastic... funny and insightful... psychology and sensitivity. She was one of the founding speakers of Women of Faith, so if you attended in the first 10 or so years of that event, you heard her and I know you loved her!
    • You guys did an amazing job of responding to the need for funds to pay for our first Kids Against Hunger project. Our Communion Offering yesterday just about paid for our 20,000 meal goal (that's about $5,000). Go you! Now all you have to do is spend a little time on Monday, January 20, helping pack the meals. Sign up on Sunday's Check-In or online.
    • January 26 is racing toward us very quickly! That's the date of our first ever (that I know of) "Come & See" Open House, where we're inviting the community to come into our church and see what we're doing to share God's love! It will be from 12:00 to 2:00 PM that day. Our ministry areas will all be represented, and everyone will get a chance to tour areas of the building that they may not get to see on a regular basis. I hope everyone is making plans to be there and inviting friends to come check us out! If you have questions about representing your ministry area or helping in any way, contact Bev Campisi ( ).
    WedWednesdayOctOctober23rd2013 It's in the Air
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    Something sweet is in the air. It's not an actual smell... no cookies baking or hot chocolate warming on the stove... but it might as well be that tangible. 

    As I was walking into the church office I noticed it. The sound of pounding coming from the kitchen. The "God Can" can full of food. Bins of books for Project Read waiting to be distributed. Stomping feet upstairs in Musikgarten. Donations for our care packages for the troops. Operation Christmas Child boxes packed and ready to be sent off to places unknown. Donations for the Gala filling multiple vehicles.

    I noticed it at the picnic on Sunday... the smell of smoked meat and hot dogs... the sight of smiling faces, laughter, hugs. I saw it in the pictures that Anne Rhoades sent me from the Butterfly Flutterby, and in the pictures from the Pumpkin Patch.

    In addition to all that's just happened, I also feel it in the air when I think of what's coming up. This weekend's Fall Into Missions... the next weekend's Gold Rush Gala... Communion/All Saints Sunday when we'll remember our lost loved ones... Veteran's Day when we'll be packing care packages for our troops... Thanksgiving collections for the GRACE food pantry... holiday gift-giving of bikes and toys and clothes and money for our Villages and beyond.

    There is something sweet in the air. It's mission and fellowship and compassion... and it's very, very real. I hope you notice it too. There's something good going on here, and we're all a part of it. 

    Sometimes it's easy to look around us and see only negative things. But today, I can't look around me and see negative... because we are literally overflowing with wonderful blessings to celebrate! Full to the brim, spilling over and cascading down the sides.  


    FriFridayAugAugust9th2013 Tell Me Something Good
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    I like to look at publications from other churches and organizations to get ideas and see what other people are doing. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... and I'll readily admit that I keep an eye out for great things to imitate all the time! This week I came across something that I think would be a great addition to our The Church at Work e-zine. It's called "Tell Me Something Good" - an opportunity for anyone who wants to to share something good they have experienced through the ministry of the church. It doesn't have to be long or even eloquent... just something GOOD! We can all use some good news, right? 

    So I'll tell you something good! Yesterday, there was racket in the kitchen, so I knew something GOOD was happening. I went in to check it out and saw that the vent hood had been delivered, and they were cutting into the ceiling where it will be installed. Then, this morning, the electricians were here first thing! It's good to see work moving forward. Although we have been without our kitchen for a while (14 years, according to Cindy :), ministry has continued. Yesterday at lunchtime, there were wonderful smells filling the Family Life Center from our volunteers using roasters to make lunch for Feed Our Kids. They've made it work, and these ministries have excelled under the circumstances. It sure will be good to smell food cooking in our brand new kitchen!

    Want to tell me something good? I'd love to hear it! And we'll be publishing another edition of the e-zine at the end of September, so I'd like to have some good stories to share. E-mail me at with "Something Good" in the subject line.
    TueTuesdayAugAugust6th2013 First World Problems
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    I've scoured website after website to find cute, inexpensive banners to put on the light poles in the church parking lot. We have Christmas and Easter covered. We had purchased some "generic" welcome banners, but they didn't survive our strong spring winds. While I'm looking through the options and finding nothing appealing (that's cheap enough), Trudy comes back from Kenya. We hem and haw over the options. Then light dawns. This is a first world problem. People in Kenya are worried about where their next meal is coming from. I'm worrying about the durability of marine acrylic versus vinyl. I can get a new set of banners for the parking lot for $600. Or we can feed 80 street children an extra meal every week for over two months with that same money.

    We've been talking about having food trucks come on August 25 so that we can have a fellowship on the day that we celebrate the missions from this summer. The deposits can be up to $800, and we'd have to guarantee a certain amount of purchases. The prospect of having two or three trucks here to feed a couple of hundred people or more in the August heat sounds like a not-so-good idea. So we sit in staff meeting and worry about disappointing people or not having a fellowship opportunity or not properly celebrating the missions that have happened this summer. But then we realize this, too, is a first world problem. It cost US $10 to get medical attention for a child in Kenya who had slashed his hand open with a machete. Deposits of $800 for three food trucks... $2400... medical care for 240 kids. Hmm.

    These are the sorts of decisions we all make every day. Spend the money on ___ (fill in thing you WANT but don't NEED), or do something really helpful with that money. In the church, we make these decisions every time we budget, every time we order a book or an office supply or an advertisement or a piece of equipment, or... you get the idea. I want you to know that we don't take these decisions lightly.

    We want you to feel warmly welcomed on our church campus, but we are going to forego the banners for now. We want you to have time to eat and visit with your fellow church members, but we are going to have a different kind of church fellowship at a later date. We want to celebrate all the things the church has accomplished this summer, so we are going to do it in worship... being thankful that we have the resources to meet the needs of those in our community and around the world. Let's make the most of it!

    PS - The Worship Team has planned out our sermon series for the next few months... in November, our series will be on "First World Problems." If you have a first world problem to share, let me know!
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