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    SunSundayMayMay1st2016 Access-Life Expo 2016
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    Did you know that our church, through our Helping Hands Ministry, has donated water, ice and volunteers for the past four years for the North Texas Access-Life Outdoor Expo here at Grapevine Lake, Oak Grove Park?

    Did you know that Access-Life is a 501c3 Christian not for profit ministry founded by Doug & Leanne Goddard, in 2010? They saw the need for connecting individuals and families living with disabilities, to Jesus and Christ honoring churches. Access-Life now sponsors six Expos over three different US states, Florida, Tennessee and Texas. Two years ago, they connected with Roaring Creek, Belize.

    Did you know that the Access-Life Expo is provided completely free of charge to families with members with disabilities? There are snacks, drinks, games, boat rides, archery and much more. This year’s Expo is on Saturday, June 18, from 10 AM to 2 PM at Oak Grove Park, Trawick Pavillion, at Lake Grapevine.

    Did you know that, in previous year, we supplied the Expo with great volunteers, 2,000 pounds of ice and 2,000 water bottles? This year we are expecting an increase of attendees, which means we are going to need more ice, water and volunteers. The predicted attendance for this year will be around 1,200 people. The amount of ice and water has increased to 2,400 pounds of ice and 2,500 bottles of water.

    Did you know that, new this year, Access-Life will also be collecting mobility and medical supplies to send to individuals and families living with disabilities in Belize? If you have any of the following items to donate, you are invited to bring them out to the Access-Life Expo on June 18: manual and power wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes, surgical gloves, bed pads, diapers, tube feeding formula and catheters. Questions about these items? You may contact Access-Life directly at 352-455-9926.

    Did you know that today's Communion Offering will go to purchase ice and water for this year’s Expo? You may bring your gift to the altar during communion, or place it in the offering plate. Mark "Access-Life" in the memo.

    If you would like to volunteer at this year's Expo, please sign up on the Check-In insert in your bulletin this morning. If you have questions about the Access-Life Expo, or other ministries to individuals and families living with disabilities, contact Helping Hands Coordinator Joyce King (817-488-9141 or fumcdt@gmail.com). Visit www.firstmethodistgrapevine.org/access-life for more information or to share this opportunity with others.

    Yours In Christ,
    John, Ed & Rick


    SunSundayAprApril24th2016 Weekend Food
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    Did You Know that Weekend Food began in November 2008 when our church member and Timberline School Nurse, Kitty Martin, encountered a child who came to her office on Monday morning with a stomach ache because she had had nothing to eat since the school lunch the preceding Friday?

    Did You Know that our church, in this eighth year of the program, now serves over 800 children a week, at 14 schools for a period of 35 weeks – over 28,000 bags of food per year?

    Did You Know that the current cost of the Weekend Food program is over $50,000 per school year? The principal sources of funds for Weekend Food are our Gala & Auction, the Iron Men, and individuals like you. None of the funds for Weekend Food come from our church budget.

    Did You Know that from its beginning in 2008, the Weekend Food program has grown rapidly? Children who are eligible for a free lunch in Grapevine-Colleyville ISD qualify as recipients of Weekend Food. The Weekend Food leaders work closely with GCISD nurses and counselors to serve these children. However, it is through the commitment of these leaders and many volunteers that our church is able to feed these children each week. Each week they pick up the order of food from Sam's, organize the food, fill bags, and deliver the food to each school.

    Did You Know that for $2 per week, or $72 for the school year, you could sponsor a local child to receive Weekend Food? That’s less than one fast food soft drink a week!

    We would like to give you the opportunity to sponsor one or more children for the coming 2016-2017 school year. You may wish to do this in honor or memory of someone, or just as a regular designated gift. Please complete the form below to make your commitment:

    Weekend Food Volunteers & Sponsorships

    Name:  _________________________________________________

    Phone:  _________________________________________________

    Email:  _________________________________ o Subscribe me to E-News


    q I’d like to be contacted about serving on the Weekend Food Team.

    q I’d like to sponsor _____ children ($72 each) for the 2016-2017 school year.

    q I'd like to make a one-time gift of $________ to Weekend Food.

    Please attach payment, complete the credit card info below or
    give online at www.firstmethodistgrapevine.org/give.

    q My donations are given in  * In Honor of  * In Memory of:


    If paying by credit card, please complete the following...

    Type of Card:  * Visa  * MasterCard  * AmEx  * Discover

    Name on card: __________________________________________________________

    Credit Card Number:  _____________________________________________________

    Expiration Date: _____________ Security Code: ________  Total: $______________

    Signature______________________________________________ Date ____________


    SunSundayAprApril17th2016 Thrift Shop
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    Did You Know that our Thrift Shop was started in 1978 by five church members who wanted to provide coats to children in schools near our church campus? Thirty-eight years later, our Thrift Shop Ministry has grown!

    · We have 48 volunteers.

    · Between 4,000-5,000 people come through the shop’s doors each year.

    · 70,000 pieces is a conservative estimate of the garments processed by our volunteers.

    · Most items are still priced at $1 or less.

    We always need extra serving hearts and hands.

    · Processing in our garage: Donations are sorted and packed in bins. Due to the heavy lifting, we need men to fill this need.

    · Substitute Volunteers: Life brings changes in our schedules, so we count on substitute volunteers to keep the operation running smoothly.

    · Weekly commitment for Friday & Saturday; Friday 9-11:30 AM - one person helping inside the shop; Saturday 9-11 AM - one person inside and one in the garage.

    Funds from purchases recently supported the following ministries here in our church and locally: Blankets of Hope, Weekend Food, Kids Against Hunger, FUMCG Villages, Youth Mission Trips, A $2000 Scholarship will be awarded to a FUMCG graduating senior, FUMCG Benevolence Fund, Winds of Change, and Metro Meals on Wheels.

    But wait, there’s more! Our Thrift Shop also:

    · Collects prescription glasses and donates them to the Lions Club.

    · Distributes English and Spanish Bibles.

    · Collects Boy & Girl Scout uniforms and literature and passes them on.

    · Provides craft items for the Spanish after school program.

    · Gathers clothing used in our missions to the Kenya, Costa Rica and Latvia villages.

    · Separates items useful for our church’s Furnishing Hope Ministry.

    · Provides clothing & toiletries to the SLAB project for FUMCG.

    Our volunteers are passionate and dedicated to this ministry. They enjoy working together and are quick to share a smile, hug or word of comfort to so many of our customers that we have known for many years. Our customers not only appreciate the things we provide, but they also enjoy coming in to shop and visit with one another.

    If you would like to be part of this “caring” ministry, sign up on the Check-In insert in your bulletin or contact Thrift Shop Director Angelia Ozymy (aozymy@verizon.net or 817-442-9722).

    Yours In Christ,
    John, Ed & Rick


    SunSundayFebFebruary14th2016 Scouting
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    Did You Know:  The Scout program is part of FUMCG Youth Ministry based on Christian principles through adventure and service for our church families and community youth?  The program is available through a chartered partnership between our church and Boy Scouts of America.

    Did you know:  Adult volunteer leadership for our scout units is selected and approved by our church to administer the scouting program?

    Did you know:  The Scouting program is designed to develop ethical values for youth as they grow spiritually, physically and mentally through fun and adventure with focus on service to others, acquired leadership skills and preparedness for life challenges?  The Scout Oath is: “On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.”

    Did you know: FUMCG has five (5) Scout Units: Troop 700, Troop 4, Venture Crew Ship 4, Pack 817 and Pack 4.  Over 3000 boys have become young men since 1977 to become productive members of our community through our church’s Scout program.

    Did you know:  FUMCG Scout Units have provided over 2000 man hours of service through church projects and missions; Eagle Scout Service Projects such as the Slab Collection Box and the Fire Pit at Heritage Campus; the reflection garden in the front of Founder’s Chapel and replacing the sidewalk at the Thrift Shop at the Downtown Campus?

    Did you know:  The national average, for every 100 boys who join Scouting, only 4 will earn the Eagle Scout rank?  Troop 700 has 114 Eagle Scouts and Troop 4 has 52 Eagle Scouts.

    For more information on this ministry opportunity contact church member Ted Shaw, who serves as the Charter Organization Representative to our Scout units, at ted.shaw@verizon.net.

    Yours In Christ,
    John, Ed & Rick


    SunSundayNovNovember22nd2015 Year End Financial Needs
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    Did you know that we need your financial support to help us meet our year-end obligations? Most of our operating expenses are fairly consistent throughout the year, however our receipts vary widely month to month. This year through October our expenses exceed receipts by $64,210. Due to the variability of our receipts, our apportionments (our church’s contributions to the overall ministries and missions of the United Methodist Church) are often not paid until year’s end. For 2015 our total apportionments are $272,796, and to date we have paid $110,380, leaving $162,416 remaining to be paid. We believe your help will allow us to meet our budget and to fully pay our apportionments this year.

    Did you know that the church staff works diligently to reduce and control expenses throughout the year? Our staff is very frugal and a good steward of your gifts. They have done their part through their actions as well as their salary expectations by not receiving overall increases in their wages since 2011. We have an aging campus and, like an older home, our campus buildings need ongoing repairs. Our Finance Committee constructively reviews and challenges our expenses every month. We have resisted cutting staff and curtailing programming to continue the good work of our church. We believe that the seeds we have collectively sown are bearing fruit and setting us on a good path for our future.

    Did you know that your generosity is overwhelming? We are constantly reminded of how generous our church members are. Other churches see what we do to help people in our communities, our worldwide villages and our own church. They are astonished at all of the ministries we conduct and the many ways our members work to help improve the lives of others. Our community and other churches see us living our mission statement to Experience and Share God’s Love.

    Did you know that there is a reason flight attendants ask you to put on your own oxygen mask before trying to help others? If you are weakened or incapacitated, you are not able to help others. If you put on your own mask, then you remain strong enough to help others. The financial health of our church is like that individual on the airplane. We have to maintain a healthy fiscal position to continue helping others.

    Our members donated wonderfully generous gifts for designated purposes. Those designated funds are not used in our general budget. We need your help this year to improve the “health” of our general budget. Please reach out to Ken Hall (ken.hall@ch2m.com), Ed Crater (edcrater@gmail.com), or Trudy Hughes (trudyh@fumcg.org) if you have any questions.

    We are extremely thankful that our church is recognized for its good works. We are blessed to have members who actively support so many of our ministries. We have been amazed at how you respond to requested needs time and time again. We pray that you will join us in prayer about what additional help your family can provide to help us meet our year end obligations.

    Yours In Christ,
    John, Ed & Ken


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