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    Administrative Board Minutes

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    MonMondayNovNovember23rd2015 November Minutes
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    Administrative Board Meeting

    First United Methodist Church Grapevine

    November 15, 2015


    Mark Howe substituted for Mark Croft, called the meeting to order and asked Dr. Cindy Ryan to open with a prayer.  

    Howe asked that the minutes from the October 11, 2015 meeting be reviewed and asked for any corrections or motion to accept.  Ed Crater asked that the debt balance be corrected to $2.5 million (from the printed $2.2 million) and moved that the minutes be approved with that change.  Ralph Pettingell seconded the motion and the votes approved the minutes as corrected.

    Howe asked the pastors present to present their reports:

    • Cindy Ryan reported that with Jenn Pick coming onto the staff that the assignments among the pastors were considered and some modifications made.  Dr. Ryan is leading the Compassion Ministries and is working with Tana Thomas of our church to link the various Compassion Ministries together to support our caring activities.  A grief workshop is planned for December to focus on those needs during the upcoming holidays.  A newly formed Lay Care Giving Team has been activated and is helping with visitations to those who cannot attend church.
    • Armando Alvarado reported that he is leading Pastoral Care Ministries and is with working with laity and church staff to improve being informed of needs and reaching out to those in need.  Alvarado also reported that the Hispanic Institute seminars continue with another one planned for November, but none during December.  He shared that the Mariachi Youth band is progressing with their learning and has an excited group of youth participating. Plans are in place for the Mariachi Youth Band to perform at Las Posadas and to be on a Christmas Parade float for the church in the Grapevine Christmas parade.
    • Jenn Pick reported that she is leading Worship Planning and stated that ideas being put into motion will reflect some differences from the past.  The intent is to make the services more cohesive and meaningful.  Pick also stated that is coordinating Lifespan Discipleship.  Family Ministries reports to Pick as does Adult Spiritual Formation.  Pick is working with the Spiritual Formation team to expand some activities with plans to be announced later.  Pick also mentioned that a rebranding activity is underway with Spiritual Formation to better communicate the focus and intent of that ministry.

    Howe asked the Lay Leaders to make their reports:

    • Ken Hall, Finance Chairman, reported that the committee had just completed their meeting and approval of the financial statements through October 2015.  Revenues were slightly above budget, but there remains significant collections needed in November and December to make budget for the year and to fully pay our apportionments.  Of the total apportionments for 2015 of $272, 796, we have paid $80,380 leaving $192,416 to be paid for 2015.  Hall recapped that a letter about apportionments and the request to help with year end financial needs was sent to the church members.  Follow up requests will be made from the pulpit as the year end closes.  Hall reported that apportionments have been a focus area of the Finance Committee and a special meeting to discuss how budgeting and payments will be planned for 2016 is set for November 29.  Hall also related that operating cash is low and well below our target of $80,000 (down to about $40,000 at the end of October).
    • Hall asked Trudy Hughes, Finance Director, to recap the status of our 2016 Stewardship Campaign.  Hughes reported that we have received 240 pledges to date totaling $1.26 million.  We have 160 families who increased their pledge for 2016 compared to 2015 and have 97 families on automatic payments. We are a little behind the prior year campaign which had 259 pledges totaling $1.36 million.  Hughes reported that several families stated that their pledge would not be made until closer to year end when their finances were more visible.  Some families currently use automatic payments, and Hughes will be reaching out to them in December to renew that program for 2016.
    • Ralph Pettingel, Trustees chair, reported that activities are underway to sell various properties of the church (Heritage Campus, Heritage parsonage, 509 Ball St).  The parsonage incurred some interior waste water damage and the insurer is working estimates to remediate the damage. A prospective buyer has been identified for the parsonage and discussions will continue once the remediation is completed.  Surveys on the Heritage campus are complete and copies were sent to prospective buyers to prepare bids on the property.  Mark Howe has offered to lead that effort for the church at no charge (which has been approved the Trustees).  An appraisal and brokers price opinion on 509 Ball St. will be used to solicit interest in buying that property from the church.
    • Linda Almendarez, Staff Parish Relations Committee chair, presented several items of business to the Administrative Board: 

    Joy Dister, of our church, is continuing her studies in ministry and a request was made to approve renewing our support of her studies.  After Linda’s motion to approve, seconded by Ralph  Pettingel, the motion passed.

    Almendarez asked that the board approve Jesse and Annette Sowell to be appointed to providing the Retired Member Report tothe Annual Conference. Motion was seconded by Ralph Pettingel, and the motion passed.

    Almendarez then asked for approval for the 2016 compensation package to our collective pastoral group totaling $387,717.  Upon question, Hughes reported that the amount is not significantly different than the prior year with the exception of some added amounts for Dr. Ryan as her hours are planned to increase compared to 2015 and the addition of a housing allowance for some of the pastors.  The motion to approve the total compensation was seconded by Pettingel and approved.

    Howe then asked Armando Alvarado to present the 2016 nominations for Lay Leadership positions:

    Alvarado presented the slate of candidates included in Exhibit B and stated that names to fill the classes for the Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development (“CNLD”).  Alvarado presented the following names to be considered for that committee:

    2017 – Angela Ozymy and Rachel Bell

    2018 –Cathy Jackson, Melissa Goebel, and Scott Kanaga

    Additional nominations included Curtis Jones, Tommy Green and Donna Price. Nominees will be contacted in the above order.

    Rachel Bell declined. Scott Kanaga accepted the two year position.

    Alvarado then moved that the slate as presented with the names to fill the classes of the CNLD.  Jessi Mossman seconded the motion and it was approved.

    Howe then called upon Trudy Hughes to present the first and second reading of names to the meeting:

    Hughes presented the first and second reading of names and inquired if anyone was aware of how to contact these individuals to reach out to the church office through Cheri Rutledge.

    Howe inquired if there was any other business to present, and none being offered, then Howe closed the meeting with a prayer for our church, its members and the continued recovery of our senior pastor John Mollet.

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