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    Our mission is to Experience & Share God's Love!

    We experience God's love through worship, discipleship and fellowship. Then we go share God's love through missions, evangelism and compassion. God's love is not for us to keep to ourselves. We feel it. We experience it. Then we share it.

    Our Goals...

    • Worship - Ignite the desire to praise, learn and grow in Christ through inspiring music, poignant messages and reverent prayer.
    • Discipleship - Encourage spiritual growth as individuals and a community. Adults | Youth | Children
    • Fellowship - Celebrate and create strong relationships in our lives.
    • Compassion - Care for one another in times of need.
    • Evangelism - Invite others to a walk with Christ.
    • Mission - Reach beyond ourselves to touch the lives of others.

    As for beliefs...

    We don’t have a long list of doctrines that everyone must believe. We all believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, but in the nonessential issues of the faith, we think and let think.
    • We believe that God has given us a mind for a specific reason. You don’t have to turn it off when you come to church.
    • We believe that God inspires and works in the life of each Christian, not just the clergy.
    • Communion is part of our worship service the first Sunday of the month. Everyone present in the worship service is invited to partake, not just the members.
    • If you have been baptized in another church, we accept your baptism and do not ask you to be baptized again. We believe God has already acted in your baptism whether or not it was done in a Methodist Church.
    • Click here for more about the Sacraments of Communion and Baptism...

    We are the people of The United Methodist Church...

    • We believe in making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.
    • We live by two kinds of holiness: Personal and Social.
    • We follow three simple rules: Do no harm; do good; and stay in love with God.
    • We work in four areas of focus: Developing leaders; creating places for new people; eliminating poverty; and improving health globally.
    Click here for more information about the beliefs of the United Methodist Church.
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