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    Home » Connect » Contact Us » Leadership First United Methodist Church Grapevine has staff to facilitate ministry, but the leaders of the church are actually members who give of their free time to further the ministries of the church. Below is a listing of the committees and boards led by lay persons. Click here to meet our staff.

    Ministry How-To Guide (pdf)

    Click on the name of the committee to read more about it.

    Administrative Board 2017

    Chair: Nancy White
    Vice-Chair: Allen Barraclough
    Senior Pastor: Jim McClurg
    Lay Leader: Ed Crater
    UMW President: Kathy Langham
    Iron Men Representative: Russell Gravitt

    Administrative Board is also made up of all of the Council on Ministries, the Chairs of each committee, and all of the Lay Members to Annual Conference (see below for each of these groups).
      Sunday School Class Representatives:
    Biblical Archaeology: Judy Grosbach
    Connections: Pat Laster
    Faith Builders: Curtis Jones 
    GIFT: Michelle & Kody Chappell
    Journey's Foundation: Julie Croft
    Open Door: OC Hailey
    Pan de Vida: Armando Alvarado
    Pathfinders: Julie Hudspeth
    Roundtable: Carolyn Ernst
    Seekers: Paul McClure
    Singles: Lorraine Casey

    Council on Ministries 2017

    Chair: Bill McClesky
    Vice-Chair: Bruce Herndon
    Hispanic: Maria Zarate
    Worship: Brian Randolph
    Evangelism: Kathi Shaw
    Missions: Steve Breunig
    Compassion: Miriam Ward 
    Discipleship: Marissa Neil
    Fellowship: Trudy Hughes
    Boy Scout Representative: Ted Shaw
    UMW: Kathy Langham
    Iron Men: Russell Gravitt
    Children's Council: Misty Holmes
    Youth Council: Scott Kanaga

    Committee on Staff/Parish Relations 2017

    Class of 2017
    Kathy Langham
    Mark Maness (chair)
    Jon De La Cruz
    Class of 2018
    Sally Itz
    Steve Breunig
    Jill Waterbury
    Class of 2019
    Cathy Jackson
    Kristi Isbell
    Carol Howe

     Lay Leader: Ed Crater
    Senior Pastor: Jim McClurg

    Committee on Lay Leadership 2017

    Class of 2017
    Jana Howell
    Scott Kanaga
    Tommy Green
    Class of 2018
    Angelia Ozymy
    Melissa Goebel
    Cathy Jackson
    Class of 2019
    Julie Croft
    Rachel Bell
    Johnny Almendarez

    Senior Pastor/Chair: Jim McClurg
    Lay Leader: Ed Crater

    Committee on Finance 2017

    Class of 2017
    Ann Goss
    Rick Neil
    Ron Shields
    Julie Croft
    Rick Schultz (chair)
    Class of 2018
    Dick Guckel
    Ken East
    Jimmy Grant

    Class of 2019
    Charlie Jackson
    Julia Haasch
    Walter Merrill

    Senior Pastor: Jim McClurg
    Lay Leader: Ed Crater

    Trustees 2017

    Class of 2017
    Karen Watkins
    Steve Isbell
    Mike Ozymy
    Ralph Pettingell (chair)
    Class of 2018
    Mark Criswell
    David Florence
    Joe Howell

    Class of 2019
    Allen Mossman
    Maxine Davis
    Lauren McCarley


    Compass Team 2017

    Class of 2017
    Anne Rhoades
    Troy Merklin
    Josh Crow
    Class of 2018
    Colby Mowery
    Dana Sundell
    Chris Norman
    Class of 2019
    Kenda Diehm
    Cathy Jackson
    Susan Justitz

    Stewardship Team 2017

    Class of 2017
    Greg Weston (chair)
    Denise Moore
    Jim Goss
    Class of 2018
    Joan McClesky
    Jeff Nichols
    Kathy Reece
    Class of 2019
    Rob Rhoades
    Sue Schultz
    John Erickson

    Staff: Jim McClurg, Marcus Bellamy

    Lay Members to Annual Conference

    Allen Mossman
    Jessie Mossman
    Walt Milner
    Alternate: Odell Evartt

    Foundation Committee 2017

    Class of 2017
    Rod Hall
    Jeff Nichols

    Class of 2018
    Ed Lakey
    Judy Sherman
    Grant Hollingsworth
    Class of 2018
    Ken Hall
    Cynthia Cowen

    Trustee Chair: Ralph Pettingell
    Finance Chair: Rick Schultz
    Senior Pastor: Jim McClurg

    Youth Council

    Class of 2017
    Brian Tyrone
    Brook Sorem (chair)
    Lisa Palla
    Class of 2018
    Becky Prentice
    Scott Kanaga
    Dana Sundell
    Class of 2019
    Kim Crater
    Kathy Spradley
    Curtis Price

    Children's Council

    Class of 2017
    Nicole Wilson (chair)
    Rachel Bell
    Aurora East
    Class of 2018
    Julie Hudspeth
    Kristi Criswell
    Vanessa Gabel
    Class of 2019
    Misty Holmes
    Shawn Spradley
    Stephanie Rasmussen

    Task Forces

    We currently have the following task forces in place to deal with issues vital to our congregation. They are:

    Building Committee:

    Paula Davis
    Tommy Green
    Mark Howe
    Trudy Hughes
    Jill Lakey
    Jim McClurg
    Wayne McNinch
    Walt Milner
    Phil Morley
    Craig Morris
    Angelia Ozymy
    Kathi Shaw
    Robert Treese
    Curtis Price

    Senior Adult Council:
    Bob Campisi
    John Erickson
    Carolyn Ernst
    Barbara Evartt
    Dick Guckel
    Russ Logan
    Joetta King
    Walt Milner
    Mike Ozymy
    Helen Jean Lucas Reed
    Miriam Ward

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