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    Church Membership

    Home ยป Church Membership We are excited to welcome new members to our congregation at any time! Our goal is to make entering the church easy and non-threatening, answer your questions, and help you discover how to get connected in the way that best fits you. You may join at our monthly Discover the Church class, on Sunday mornings between services and during the week by phone, email, or by filling out the online membership form. You may indicate your desire to join by checking the “Wish to Join” box on your worship registration form. We will follow up with you after that.

    Why Should I Join the Church?

    First United Methodist Church of Grapevine is not just a building. We are a community of people called and joined together to do God’s work. We are the body of Christ, giving life to Christ’s presence in the world. When Christians unite to share love, hope and a sense of purpose, amazing things can happen. Jesus said, “I am the vine, you are the branches.” John 15:5. This image helps us see how important each of us is to the life of the church. Each time a person joins the church and publicly and inwardly commits to God and to the community, the church becomes a stronger community and a wider, more accurate representation of Christ.

    What happens once I decide to join?

    • We will ask you the name and city of the last church where you were a member (whether that was last week or years ago).  If you have never been a member of a church, you simply tell us that and we will record your membership as a Profession of Faith (meaning this is the beginning of you saying “yes” to Christ and the church).
    • We will ask you if you have ever been baptized.  We recognize all baptisms in all Christian denominations and regardless of the method of baptism.
    • If you have never been baptized, we will talk with you about the process of arranging a baptism.  Baptism is the sacrament that accompanies a Profession of Faith.  We will arrange your baptism in any worship service; mid-week here at the church or on a Sunday morning after worship.
    • If you are transferring to our church from another church, we will contact that church by mail and let them know you have joined First United Methodist Church, Grapevine.
    • All new members are asked the question that we have all answered, “Will you be loyal to Christ and uphold the church with your prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness?”

    Commonly Asked Questions About Church Membership

    Am I required to attend the Discover classes in order to join?  No, but we do encourage you to attend Discover the Church as soon as possible.  We have found that it greatly enhances your experience as a new member.

    What if I've never been an official member of a church?  No problem. Your membership will be considered a Profession of Faith. If you have not yet been baptized, we will set up a baptism for you at your convenience.

    What about baptism?  If you have ever been baptized as a child, youth or adult, in any denomination, it counts here! If you have not been baptized, you will enjoy a brief five minute time with one of the pastors where a small amount of the water of baptism will be placed on your forehead. This can happen during a worship service or another prearranged time. 

    What if I was previously a member of another church but it was a long, long time ago?  If you are able to provide us with a church name, and location, we will let your previous church know that you have joined First United Methodist Church. It is not unusual for churches to “clean up” their rolls after a period of time and not have record of a person’s membership. This happens frequently and is not a problem.

    Does it matter if my previous church was something other than Methodist?  No way! If you are interested in learning more about the Methodist Church, be sure to join us for  Discover the Church or call the church office to speak to a pastor (817-481-2559).

    Questions? Contact Dr. Cindy Ryan ( ) or Membership Secretary Cheri Rutledge (817-481-2559 x110,  ).
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