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    The purpose of the Council on Ministries is to plan the ministries of the church... a program of nurture, outreach, and witness; implement the plan; align the plan with the mission of the church; evaluate the effectiveness of the plan; report to the Administrative Board on the effectiveness of the church's ministry.

    The Council on Ministries is working under a 2-year action plan to achieve our ministry goals. If you would like to see the details of the plan, CLICK HERE (pdf - updated October 2014). After each month's COM meeting, we post the minutes on the COM blog (latest posts below).

    Main task of the committee: Plans and carries out programs that fulfill our mission of experiencing and sharing God's love through...

    2014 Council on Ministries

    Chair: Allen Barraclough
    Vice-Chair: John Erickson
    Hispanic: Alejandra Diaz
    Worship: Brian Randolph
    Evangelism: Linda Davies
    Missions: Anne Rhoades
    Compassion: Kathy Naylor
    Discipleship: Nancy Johnson

    Fellowship: Kim Crater 
    Children’s Council Chair: Amy Gravitt
    Nursery Council: Cindy Baldwin
    Youth Council Representative: Pam De La Cruz
    Boy Scout Representative: Bob Williams
    UMW: Miriam Ward
    Iron Men: Neil Payne & Russell Gravitt

    Council on Ministries Meeting Minutes
    TueTuesdayNovNovember4th2014 October Meeting Minutes
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    Council On Ministries meeting minutes October 28, 2014 Attendees: Armando Alvarado, Jr., Rick Mang, Cindy Baldwin, John Mollet, Allen Barraclough, Kathy Naylor, Bev Campisi, Anne Rhoades, Kim Crater, Miriam Ward, Pam De LaCruz, Robert Williams, John... More
    TueTuesdayOctOctober28th2014 October Ministry Reports
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    FUMCG Council On Ministries Reports October 2014 LOCAL MISSIONS - Anne Rhoades Local Day of Missions (Kathy Reece ): Thanks to all our volunteers, Fall into Missions was a big success for our neighbors and church family! We helped 7 families who... More

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