Oh, the Places We'll Go - Stewardship 2013

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    Oh, the places we'll go!
    When it's stewardship time
    We'll commit to give more
    And more ministry dimes.

    In Worship and Mission
    Compassion and such...
    Oh, the places we'll go
    and the lives we will touch!

    In the next few weeks we will be hearing more about how you can be a part of supporting the work of the church in the coming year.  Our theme this year is “Oh, the Places We’ll Go!” 
    If you didn't make it to one of the Sunday School classes that offered the Stewardship lesson, be sure to log on to the daily 10 and 10 readings the week of October 15-20. The readings will cover all of the content of the lessons, including daily Bible readings and some statistics you may find interesting! www.firstmethodistgrapevine.org/10and10

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