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    Congregational Care Ministries offer support to our local congregation throughout major transitions and life events. Caring ministries also include our Prayer Team, Stephen Ministers and Support Groups. Altar Flower Delivery Angel Food Angel Wings... More
    Recommended counselors for those in need of professional counseling
    Give and receive prayer...
    Care, encouragement, emotional support through life's struggles
    Help and hope through the challenges of life...
    Upcoming Events
    TueTuesdaySepSeptember1st2015 Exposing Depression 09/01/2015 Depression is often caused by identity crises and is the opposite of self-expression. It can leave you feeling lonely, lost and without hope. Depression is not a sentence, it’s a call for you... More
    TueTuesdaySepSeptember1st2015 S.O.S (Shake Off Shame) 09/01/2015 This class is about uncovering shame, and its crippling lies that deceive you into believing you are not enough. The lies that follow you around telling you that you don’t belong or that you... More
    Latest News
    WedWednesdayMayMay27th2015 Prayer Room Prayer plays a central part in the missions of our church. As a result of the efforts of many in our clergy, staff, and congregation, we now have a place in our church set aside specifically for... More
    WedWednesdayJanJanuary2nd2013 Planned Surgery or Hospital Stay? Let Us Know! Many area hospitals will not notify churches when members are admitted due to medical privacy laws. Therefore, if you have a planned surgery and know you will be hospitalized or if you have a loved... More
    Associate Pastor
    (817) 481-2559114
    Membership Secretary / Assistant to Caring Ministries
    (817) 481-2559110
    Respecting Choices Blank Page
    There is a new effort underway in our church to help individuals with making choices regarding advance care and end-of-life decisions. We are also working to meet the needs of those who find... More
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    Grief Support If you have lost a spouse, child, family member or friend,... More
    Assistance | Ayuda Many times, the church is the first place people look for... More
    Survey on Advance Directives and Advance Care Planning There is a new effort underway in our church to help... More

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