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    Please visit one of the following Sunday School classes this Sunday!
    Click here for a Campus Map to help you find the correct meeting room.

    The Senior Activity Center is across the street from the Founders Chapel on Church Street.

    Adult Classes at the Downtown Campus | Sundays at 9:45 AM

    (See Also: Spiritual Formation Classes | Bible Studies)

    All Seasons
    9:45 AM in the Game Room of the Sr. Activity Center
    All Seasons is a cross-generational Sunday School class open to adults of all ages, either single or married. The goal of the class is to provide a comfortable & inviting setting for Bible study and discussion for adults at any stage in life or with any level of experience in order to enhance and strengthen their individual walks in faith.
    Contact: Steve Isbell, 214-334-4245 /

    Biblical Archaeology
    9:45 AM in Room 2003 of the Family Life Center
    We are a small and friendly Bible study and discussion class that focuses on the Bible, Bible history, and cultural and archaeological references. The class supports ongoing church ministries and members, couples and singles mostly 40’s to 70’s, participate in variety of church missions and ministries. We would love to have you join us!
    Contact: Judy Grosbach, 817-488-6771 or Nancy Johnson, 817-424-0297,

    Connections Class
    9:45 AM in the Conference Room of the Senior Activity Center
    The Connections Class is comprised of singles or singles at church.   Our mission is connecting with each other and growing closer to God through Bible study and service in the ministries of our church.  We also enjoy various activities outside of church.  Enter the Senior Activity Center through the double doors facing Willhoite’s parking lot and turn right at the first hallway.  Our class is the first one on the right.  Please come for a visit and join us!
    Contact: Pat Laster, 817-421-6320, 

    Faith Builders (formerly Two by Two)
    9:45 AM in Room 2001 of the Family Life Center
    Comprised of couples and individuals in varying stages of family life, Faith Builders engages in topical discussion of today's world, and the role of Christians in it. The group regularly participates in service and social activities, and its members are actively involved in several ministry areas of the church. Join us in a life application of faith as it impacts our relationships, service and spiritual growth. 
    Class webpage
    Contact: Curtis Jones, 817-488-2131 / or Cathy Jackson, 817-329-9560 /

    GIFT - "Growing in Faith Together" (formerly Just Us)
    9:45 AM in Room 2007 of the Family Life Center
    A class for couples (dating, engaged, or married) in their 20's-30's (some with young children and some without). This class offers fellowship and opportunities for growth towards God as a couple and individual through scripture and similar life experiences shared throughout the class.
    Find us on Facebook
    Contact: Chris Norman, 817-233-4884,

    Journey's Foundation
    9:45 AM in the Sr. Activity Center Multi-Purpose Room II
    This class is mostly in their 40’s – 60’s.  Lessons are discussion-oriented focusing on what each of us can learn from a particular topical study or a specific book of the Bible. Our goal is to strengthen each other as we share the journey of faith.  Please come and join our friendly group!
    Contact: Julie Croft, 469-648-8063 / 

    Open Door
    9:45 AM in the Sr. Activity Center - Multi-Purpose Room I
    Current Study: Max Lucado's Life Lessons from the Books of Ruth and Esther
    The Open Door Class is a fun-loving group of singles and married’s, mostly ages 40 to 70 which is led by O.C. Hailey.  The class studies God’s Word.  We do this in two ways:  studying books/subjects of the Bible as well as by reading and discussing works by current authors. We gain as much insight from the discussions as we do from the books, interspersed with a lot of laughter and fellowship.  Everyone is welcome.
    Contact: OC Hailey, 817-504-5349 / | Debbi Reecer,

    Pan de Vida | Spanish Bible Study
    9:45 AM in Room 214
    Un estudio de la Biblia en español dirigido por Socorro Garcia. | A weekly Bible study in Spanish led by Socorro Garcia.
    Contact: Rev. Armando Alvarado, 817-481-2559 x122 /

    Pathfinders Class
    9:45 AM in Room 2008 of the Family Life Center
    The members of the Pathfinders class are adults in their thirties through mid-forties who believe in joining study and service. Their studies involve the application of biblical teachings for today’s adults and families. This class offers fellowship, support, involvement with missions, and gaining a deeper understanding of the Bible and how it relates to our generation.
    Find us on Facebook
    Contact: Julie Hudspeth, 817-995-0294 /   or Donna Price, 817-251-4389 /

    9:45 AM in the Roundtable Room
    This class believes that age is irrelevant, but most are 60-plus, with a mix of couples and singles.
    Contact: Carolyn Ernst, / 817-488-0235

    9:45 AM in Leach Hall
    Click here for details and current study info.
    The Seekers class meets at 9:45 AM in Leach Hall and includes couples and singles, most 40’s to 60’s, who study topics including Bible study, Christian psychology and education, and current social issues from a Christian perspective. We hope to see you here!
    Contact: Paul McClure, 817-430-1190 / 

    Singular Journey (Singles)
    9:45 AM in Room 2002 of the Family Life Center
    A class for singles, 30's to 50's. Currently led by Rev. Rick Mang.
    Contact: Lorraine Casey, 214-288-9735,
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