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    Rev. John Mollet Senior Pastor
    Role at First Church: Senior Pastor Started on Staff: June, 2011 Education/Background: I graduated from Highland Park High School in 1970 (Voted most... More (817) 481-2559 ext. 124
    Rev. Rick Mang Senior Associate Pastor - Caring Ministries
    Blog: Sermons (audio) Role at First Church: Senior Associate Pastor; Pastoral Care, pastoral support for Compassion and... More (817) 481-2559 ext. 114
    Dr. Cindy Ryan Associate Pastor - Connecting
    Blog: Role at First Church: Associate Pastor - Evangelism and New Members Started on Staff: Rejoined the staff on January... More (817) 481-2559 ext. 222
    Rev. Nathan Firmin Pastor to Children and Families
    Role at First Church: Minister to Children and Families Started on Staff: July 1, 2005 Education/Background: Nathan attended college at Louisiana... More (817) 481-2559 ext. 129
    Rev. Armando Alvarado Associate Pastor - Hispanic & Adult Ministries
    Role at First Church: Pastor to Hispanic Ministries and Adult Ministries Started on Staff: June 2008 Education/Background: Before receiving a call to... More (817) 481-2559 ext. 122
    Wren Robinson Director of Worship Arts
    Role at First Church: Director of Music and Worship Started on Staff: February 12, 2006 Education/Background: Wren received his college education at... More (817) 481-2559 ext. 133
    Jenny Davidson Director of Youth Ministries
    Role at First Church: Director of Youth Ministries Started on Staff: June 2007 Family: Brian and I got married September 3, 2005. I was told that it... More (817) 481-2559 ext. 116
    Rev. Melburn Sibley Pastor of Resource Development
    Role: Minister of Resource Development/Care Ministry. Staff Rep to Endowment Committee Started at First Church: Early 2004 Education/Background:... More (817) 269-9920
    Cindy Baldwin Children's Ministry Coordinator, Nursery Director
    Roles at First Church: Children's Ministry Coordinator (Sunday School, education support) Nursery Director Facilities Support Started on Staff:... More (817) 481-2559 ext. 213
    Bev Campisi Volunteer Coordinator
    Role at First Church: Volunteer Coordinator Started on Staff: January 2008 Education/Background: My father's Air Force career moved our family more... More (817) 481-2559 ext. 140
    Carlos Careaga Pastoral Intern
    Role at First Church: Pastoral Intern from Perkins School of Theology Started on Staff: August 2013 Educational/Background: Carlos received his call... More
    Trudy Hughes Business Administrator
    Role at First Church: Business Administrator Started on Staff: May of 1999, left July 2004, then came back November 2004 Family: Husband,... More (817) 481-2559 ext. 150
    Katherine Hunter Assistant to the Senior Pastor
    Role at First Church: Assistant to the Senior Pastor and Senior Associate Pastor Started on Staff: February, 2003 Family: Husband, Bob. Daughters,... More (817) 481-2559 ext. 130
    Melissia Mason Communications Director
    The Inside Scoop (communications blog) Role at First Church: Communications Director (bulletin, e-news, website, social media, graphic design,... More (817) 481-2559 ext. 109
    Linda McClure Assistant to Youth and Children's Ministries
    Role at First Church: Administrative Assistant to Children's Ministries and Youth Ministries Started on Staff: July 5, 1985 Family: Husband, Paul;... More (817) 481-2559 ext. 126
    Gary Rhodes Facilities Team
    Role at First Church: Facilities and Maintenance Started on Staff: July 2007 Family: Wife Paulina (817) 481-2559 ext. 281
    Norma Ruggiero Assistant to Worship Arts
    Role at FUMC: Assistant to Worship Arts Coordinator of Office Volunteers (817) 481-2559 ext. 121
    Cheri Rutledge Membership Secretary / Assistant to Caring Ministries
    Role at First Church: Administrative Assistant to Caring Ministries, Membership Secretary, Database Manager Started on Staff: November 1997 Family:... More (817) 481-2559 ext. 110
    Dain Schneck Media Director
    Role at First Church: Media Director (video production, sound/audio/lights, etc.) Started on Staff: January 2014 Complete bio coming soon! (817) 481-2559 ext. 266
    Guy Sellers Facilities Manager
    Role at First Church: Facilities Manager Started on Staff: May, 2012 Education/Background: Out of high school, I attended the University of Texas in... More (817) 481-2559 ext. 123
    Audrey Zapor Heritage Campus Administrator
    Role at First Church: Heritage Campus Administrator Started on Staff: October 2009 (with the merge of Heritage UMC and FUMCG) (817) 481-2559 ext. 127

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